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The pacifying winds blowing across my face, refreshing me. The water in the lake magnetising towards me. The birds soaring high as freed prisoners.  The houses standing still flaunting its colours to the lake. And me sitting in front of my favourite curtains being a part of this ecosystem. 🌴 25th of March, 12:15p.m., the hottest time of the year but that gargantuan yellow ball which was craved for was rejuvenating in it’s secret hideout. ☀️ Whyy? Is it that you play hide and seek with us? When you’re needed you vanish and when you’re not you’re the first person pestering everyone on this puny planet. My mother told me it was all due to global warming, is that really the thing? That fiery ball replies, “Yes my child, you’ve uprooted my lifelines (trees) so now is the time for payback.” 🌏 Waiting for the clouds to fade away, I sat there in despair but this star never showed up. ⛅️ As the clock ticked by, the lights lit up, it gave me a new vision of the city all upside down. Ever wondered how? This entire heaven on earth was visible in the lake right in front our house. For what is seen abroad laid right here in our own state. 😍 “God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God. If you can’t appreciate beauty in the world how can you understand God?” ❣

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Hate Makes Me Grow Stronger


Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim. Social status? Yes baby that’s what everyone gives a damn to! I cannot get this fact straight as to why people have to intervene in personal matters and try to demoralise others just because they are better than them? Is this what we stand for? Puke out hate towards someone and give them the feel of them being better. What you think is what you attract.. Vomit hate, swallow even more.

When a child is first-born, he is always surrounded by love. Ever wondered why? Because these high frequency love vibes are emitted from this little being and in turn these vibes reflect and double the love. That’s how you start to love yourself. We unfortunately dwell in a society where we are judged on round our nose is maybe. I mean like how lame could it even get? And now it’s you who chooses to go with what those 1000 people who do not even matter to you, say or what your inner soul, a soul which has known you from the time egg and sperm met says. You need to care less, give no damn to the worldly affairs and just be yourself. That’s how you are known for who you are and not for who you try to be.
To survive in a ruined world, one must embrace the darkness.



Every time I close my eyes, it’s a dark paradise.

A paradise that teaches me how to be someone,

a paradise where the struggle is success ,

a paradise where I am just an ordinary petit girl trying to get accustomed to the daylight, and a paradise where I achieve all my goals not just by sitting still but by endeavouring. I squiggle like a worm, forcing my not so empowering legs to climb up the leaf and nibble as much as I can.

But in this race of striving and engulfing the most out of the leaf, I neglect the punier mates around me, overlooking their existence.

But at that moment, different thoughts left the starting line like runners in a marathon, all competing in my head. “Is this why I was created? Do I stand anywhere in front of this massive universe? Does this universe ever side-line me?”

And at that instance when I opened my eyes, which were struggling to adjust to the bright light of the intoxicating world; did I realise the value of these subtle things which make my life worth living.

Attitude of Gratitude

People dwelling in this era which is in vogue 24/7, updated with each and every single concern of the world and has abundant of techno geeks.. Let me question you all about a minute subject which you all might seek vague and irrelevant. Do you really believe in magic? If you don’t I will probably make you believe.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it,” says one of the most exalted writers: ROALD DAHL.

What the people really endeavour to hunt in magic is all about a person who wears a cape with an elongated hat on top and by making a rabbit pop out from his hat spellbinds the entire populace. How monotonic! This is not the magic we are in search of.  In fact the true magic lies in quenching our insatiable thirst by drinking the waters of gratitude.

Gratitude transforms a human being into a human who is pragmatically a being,

From a deprived soul into an acknowledged soul,

From poverty to riches,

From a person who is whining at all instances to a person who is relieved at all instances,

And, from a non believer of magic into a staunch believer of magic.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men on the earth and the founder of a company without which I don’t really think we would have been able to live life as we are thriving now – Microsoft. Ever wondered how all these riches magnetised towards him only? This is not because of any miracle or some superpower. It because this magnet (Bill gates) had most powerful magnetic field of enchanting GRATITUDE, MAGIC and FAITH IN HIMSELF. I feel highly privileged to state that even a man who is somehow persisting on the breadline and sheerly follows the tantalising path towards gratitude is way privileged and wealthy when compared to us; who after being educated still don’t take this enchanted path. Rather I believe we all choose to dream big, which is one of the major ingredients to a radiant life but we forget to add the all purpose flour to our brownie and that is GRATITUDE which comes when believed in MAGIC.

We are serving in an era where your clothes matter not your personality,

Where your popularity matters not your level of intellectualism,

Where the brand name matters not the worth,

And where uploading pictures of a mesmerising event matter not the thankfulness.

Is this what we stand for? Is this what we are going to leave for the upcoming generations? I am petrified what are we going to even leave as a residue for them. Thus I feel, we desperately need to inculcate the value of gratitude, the importance of magic and the vitality of believing in ourselves.

Then only can we call ourselves learned and genial citizens of the 21st Century.

Thomas Leonard rightly said, “ People who wait for a magic wand fail to see that they ARE the magic wand.” Taking Leonard’s quote into consideration, all I would say is that when you trip you can’t always wait for someone to lift you up. You have to take your own step and help yourself. The same applies to magic as well. You can’t have people who will make you believe, the true magic lies within you itself. It is YOU, who will unleash your inner magic and use it effectively.


Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives?

It’s high time now that we commence living in a real world. Although sharing and communicating through social media has its own benefits but it shouldn’t hypnotise us as it does right now.

It may sound peculiar but social media is indeed taking over our lives. There is this constant urge to Facebook, Tweet, upload stories on Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest (just to name a few) in order to express our identity and make ourselves feel more valued. I obviously cannot deny this fact. The same applies to me as well. And yes, in today’s world we have indeed become obsessed with the so called “reality” which actually is the “virtual reality.”

I am pretty sure that we all are recurrent Facebook users. Thus we all can relate the inexorable desire to check our notifications every consecutive minute to see whether we have attained the fancied ‘likes’ on our new upload. The same story goes with Instagram! Honestly, can a like represent our popularity or may be how people perceive us?

It literally dawned on me as to how dependant we have become on social media. Fortunately (as it made me realize the reality of social media) the other day I lost my phone. I actually couldn’t thrive without it, and it wasn’t about the phone, it was about SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST. I seriously realized that this cosmetic life had become THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of my life way more vital than the real life. Those were the most despicable days. It was actually a sinister apparition (not really, a sinister reality may be) surviving without my phone for just 72 hours.

It seems so queer that taking a selfie and then analysing which filter makes us look more bewitching, is more important than actually spending quality time with our family and mates. How can we expect certain filters to make us look attractive out of nowhere? It is rightly said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” so definitely these filters cannot beautify us.  Social media merely gives us the opportunity to see what actually lies behind the scenes. You never know how Photoshop can make a grotesque toad even seem like a prince.

The fact that the upcoming generation will be severely affected cannot be refused to but yes in today’s world greater on-line popularity plays a better role than actual popularity. What an era!  Youths are growing up in a self-obsessed world, where if you do not live up to a certain expectation you are deemed inadequate. I have no idea how we’ve got to this point, where we are so immersed in a virtual existence, craving attention from people we barely speak to, because to be honest there are more important concerns in the world. This problem is only set to get worse.

Well, I will certainly agree that social media can be a positive medium, especially as a way of connecting and sharing with family and friends, however when it begins to rule our lives and daily activities, that’s going one step too far. It’s sad to think this is what the world has come to, questioning is it really worth it?

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